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*Now Available*

Our new site incorporates an updated secure ordering process, detailed information on our scholarly boards and the Fons Vitae production team, & specially created multimedia presentations, providing glimpses into the thoughts and lives of our scholars and contributors, as well as a look inside Fons Vitae.

You'll find interviews, discussions and author readings, as well as 
trailers for our DVDs, and clips from our archives.
Our goal is to provide constantly updated information about our publications, contributors, our activities and events.

*Now Available*

FONS VITAE is a peer-reviewed, non-profit, academic press, publishing interfaith scholarly works focused primarily on world spirituality.

FONS VITAE, translated from Latin as "the fountain of life",  is devoted to making works available from the world's great spiritual traditions.  Fons Vitae  refers to the knowledge which flows out to humanity from the Divine Source. 

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