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  Fons Vitae

Fons Vitae has published Common Ground Between Islam and Buddhism, a ground-breaking volume and effort which is a continuation of the initiative made by Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad of Jordan, entitled "The Common Word."  
By Reza Shah Kazemi, with an essay by Hamza Yusuf Hanson, and introductions by Prince Ghazi, the Dalai Lama, and Prof. Mohammad Hashim Kamali, this book contains numerous scholarly essays which illustrate the subject of this work.
It is hoped that this publishing event will set the stage for continued interactions, congresses and educational outreaches, heralding a new era.


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Drawing on a dazzling interplay of scriptural and spiritual authorities, one is led to the respective hearts and foundational principles of these great revelations. The result is the transmission of profound common teachings, on subjects varying from Ultimate Reality to worship. Further information on the May 12th launch of this unique volume with the Dalai Lama is available on our News & Events page.
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