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The Living Thoughts of Gotama the Buddha

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The Living Thoughts
Of Gotama the Buddha
Ananda Coomaraswamy and I.B.Horner

ISBN 1-887752-38-2

This re-publication of The Living Thoughts of Gotama the Buddha makes once again available one of the most significant books dealing with the Buddhist tradition. Two of the best known authorities have combined their efforts in producing both an exposition of Buddhist metaphysics and a selection of texts taken from the Buddha's own statements. The book  provides the reader with a total view of both the doctrine and the method of Buddhism.

Dr. Coomaraswamy is renowned as a scholar, and is the author of innumerable articles and texts on Buddhism such as Elements of Buddhist Iconography, Buddha and the Gospel of Buddhism and Hinduism and Buddhism.

I.B. Horner is equally well known as a scholar and translator of Pali texts which contain, as far as is known, the actual words of Gotama the Buddha. The selection provides his discussions on Causality, the Self, Death and 'Transmigration', The Way, Crossing Over, Rivers of Life and Death, The Great Ocean, Dhamma, Essence, Escape, Nirvana, The Deathless, and the Incomposite, which follow sections on 'Training of the Soul' and 'Relationships with Others.'

The book includes an additional essay on Buddhism originally published in a collection entitled Religion in the Twentieth Century. The text is of especial value in that it explains Buddhist doctrines in terms that are meaningful to western scholars familiar with Christian terminology while at the same time it retains a clarity that makes the essence of Buddhism available to the more casual reader. Anyone interested in the topic will find this text of incalculable value. It will for many years remain a standard source of explication.