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The Universal Meaning of the Kabbalah

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The Universal Meaning of the Kabbalah
Leo Schaya
Introduced by Jacob Needleman

Includes charts and diagramatic illustrations  The original French edition, first appeared in English as part of the Penguin Metaphysical library in 1971. The Kabbalah is considered to be the “doctrinal essence of the Torah…the repository in the heart of Judaism of the mysteries hidden since the beginning of time. 
“God, the Universe and Man, their essential unity and fundamental attributes as seen through the eyes of Jewish esoteric tradtion, is the subject of Leo Schaya’s masterly study of the Kabbalah.  For in the present volume he deals neither with the history of the Kabbalah nor with the Kabbalah as literature, but expounds its universal teachings which relate all things to their supreme archetypes, the ten Sefiroth or principal aspects of God.”
In addition  to the Old Testament and the Talmud, M. Schaya discusses one of the classical sources of Jewish mysticism, the Zohar or Book of Splendour.
 “This book fills an urgent need…To rediscover the deepest meaning of the Old Testament is something that could have a most tonic and enlightening effect on the whole of Christian thought today; no clearer interpreters are to be found than the masters of the Kabbalah.”
                        -Marco Pallis 
“The treasure that is the Kabbalah is brilliantly …What is commonly considered as a mainly Judaic view of God, the Cosmos and Man is revealed to be truly universal: all mankind’s heritage of wisdom." 
                         -Louise Wilson
"This book will be extremely useful to anyone who is, in the words of Maimonides, “perplexed” by the Bible in the sense of having exercised his best thinking about it and who now stands “broken” before its apparent contradictions and its overwhelming emotional authority... The Kabbalah, or esotericism, is the communication to man of what Schaya calls principial ideas, ideas that are to thought and actions what the sun is to its rays…Standing between metaphysical ideas and the symbolic language of the Zohar and the Old Testament, he allows each side to penetrate the other."
                         -Jacob Needleman