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Old Houses of Jordan

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Old Houses of Jordan

Turab (Turath Al-Urdun Al-Baqi)

“We study, preserve and enjoy old houses for reasons beyond the technical and decorative aspects of their design, or even their utilitarian functions. This fascinating book, which focuses on houses in Amman built during 1920-1950, is important because houses do not represent static moments frozen in time, but dynamic links between our present identity and our historical roots.”
                              -H.M.Queen Noor Al-Hussein

Foreword by H.M. Queen Noor 

PART I: Early-Twentieth-Century Examples 
Municipality Building, Salt 
King Abdullah Palace, Ma’an Railroad Station, Ma’an 

PART II: Houses from the Emirate and Kingdom periods (1921 - 1950) 
Bani Hamidah House
Jordan River Designs House 
A1-Bilbeisi Houses I & II . 
Habboo and Akrawi House 
A1-Mufti House 
Jardaneh House
Mango House 
Darat al-Funun Complex: Darat I, II, and III
Bisharat Houses 
Notes on Transliteration