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Doors of the Kingdom

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The Doors of the Kingdom

Photography by Haajar Gouverneur
Calligraphy by Mohamed Zakariya
Foreword by Khaled Azzam

Dar Nun/Aperture
96 pp.
ISBN 0-89381-817-8
Full Color Photography Throughout
/80 color images

This impressive volume contains photographs by Haajar Gouverneur of a magnificent variety of doors found throughout the four regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These photographs were exhibited at the Nahda Society's Heritage Center in Riyadh in 1995.
Each photograph is accompanied by a beautiful calligraphic presentation of a hadith or Quranic passage by the renown calligrapher Mohamad Zakariya. The book is bilingual.

In Islam the significance of the door is evident as a metaphor for the entrance. Written passages refer to its many levels of meaning for both the Qur'an and the Hadith, the recorded sayings of the Prophet Muhammad.

The greatest doors in the Kingdom are those which open onto the Sacred Precincts-the door to the Ka'bah in Makkah, and the doors to the Mosque in al Madinah where the Prophet is buried. These magnificent entrances belong to the Muslim world. 

The Kingdom is unique in that it contains the full range of doorways, from the Heavenly to the Human. The doors to the Sacred Sanctuaries symbolize entrance into peace and a higher state of being. Besides these celestial doors which refer to the Gates of Paradise, we present the doors of this world, from the homes of both the rich and the poor, with the hope of offering a sense of our heritage-its faith, culture, craft, and calligraphy.