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Hidden in the Same Mystery / Prayer & Committment package

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Hidden in the Same Mystery
Thomas Merton and Loretto
Prayer and Commitment in Thomas Merton
A Talk by Sister Mary Luke Tobin
(audio CD)

Hidden in the Same Mystery presents previously unpublished Merton materials which are a rich source of his thinking on prayer and on religious life.

Included are some of Sr. Mary Luke Tobin’s incisive thoughts about Merton, particularly her analysis of Merton on prayer.  The book, describing the friendship between Merton and Tobin, and illustrated with photos of Merton, Tobin, Gethsemani, and Loretto, will appeal to Merton scholars, women religious, and those interested in Kentucky church history.

In Prayer and Commitment in Thomas Merton , Mary Luke Tobin develops some of Merton's themes: freedom, paradox, the true and false selves, alienation.
She begins by summarizing Merton’s advice to the Loretto novices and ends with a defense of the non-proselytizing focus of his final talk in Bangkok. While stressing that there was not a “Merton Method of Prayer,” Luke shows how he pointed to prayer as “the discovery of God within,” emphasizing as well how Buddhism, Sufism, and Asian monasticism had influenced him.
Luke’s vibrant presence in this recording will bring both Merton and herself into dynamic life for the listener. Hers is a voice echoing Merton’s voice about God’s presence in all of being, an awareness at the very heart of prayer.