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Faisal - World Leaders: Past and Present

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World Leaders: Past and Present

Rebecca Steffof

69 black and white photos
112 pp.
ISBN: 9781891785108

Part biography, part historical record, this work details the pivotal role King Faisal played in the history and politics of the Middle East and around the world.
From shaping Saudi Arabia for more than half a century as a warrior general to being the country’s first ambassador and acting as a spokesperson for Arab concerns at the United Nations, this study illustrates King Faisal’s legacy that continues beyond his own lifetime. Filled with insightful anecdotes, quotations, and a myriad of photographs, this examination is one that all serious students of East-West relations should study today in order to learn from one of the greatest of our world leaders.

Introductory Essay: "On Leadership," Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.
1. The Oil Weapon
2. Islam and the House of Sa'ud
3. A Widening World
4. The Last Conquests
5. The Kingdom
6. The Crown Prince
7. King Faisal
8. Royal Murder

Complex historical and political factors are described and explained in an straight forward and easily understandable style of writing, photographs on every page illustrate and give face to the political events described as well as the life and death of King Faisal and the Middle East, Islam and Saudi Arabian politics are explored with rich detail as we would describe our own Western religions and politics, including an emphasis.
This book will find its readership with those who have an interest in East-West relations, world leaders, world history, Middle Eastern politics, Middle East, oil/petrol, university students and US government Ambassadors as well as Embassy staff in Arabia.