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The Gospel of Thomas: In the Light of Early Jewish, Christian andIslamic Esoteric Trajectories

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The Gospel of Thomas
In the Light of Early Jewish, Christian
and Islamic Esoteric Trajectories
Samuel Zinner
ISBN 978-1-908092-04-5

This is a new translation of the short collection of Christic aphorisms found among the Gnostic texts at Nag Hammadi in 1945, with attention to Greek and Coptic sources. The translation itself is preceded by the bulk of the book, where light is shed on the many threads that converged to produce works as the Gospel in question, and on the intricate relation between Judaism and early Christianity, especially between their respective esoterisms.
This book is full of fresh and at times unexpected insights on the nature of early Christian and Kabbalistic cosmologies, including several sections on the little known Ebionite community and faith.
An excerpt of the book can be downloaded from Matheson's Publications page.